An Lemmens angry at cheaters

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Don’t just believe what is on the internet. Anyone can create a website and there is the biggest nonsense. But often there are also bandits behind websites that fill them with fake news to get as many visitors to their websites to lure and make money through the many ads. Or worse, often try websites people money to lice. An Lemmens has had it with the valdse messages about her to be published. So is there currently a message around which states that An Lemmens redundancies would be on The Voice. That would have happened because of the rules of her contract violated would have. Nonsense of course, because An is not a stupid blonde, and knows all too well that she is working on.

The website gives a very bizarre reason for the alleged resignation of Lemmens:” According to well-informed sources, to pay advertisers millions to have their products on The Voice to promote, but we know now that these advertisers are FURIOUS at An. Why? Because they are the producers not told about her gigantic huidverzorgingsimperium, which is actually a HUGE competitor of the sponsor of the show, L’oreal. An’s product is half as expensive and twice as efficient as the competitive product. Sources reveal that The Voice forced her to choose which direction in the future, they would go out. An was perplexed by the response and the decision of the tv station, and decided her dream to follow and to go with her new line of skin care products.”

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