Again miscarriage for Lesley-Ann Poppe

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Life can be hard, there know Lesley-Ann Poppe all about. For the second time, the blonde had a miscarriage. Know that the weekly Story. ‘Lesley-Ann Poppe & Kevin have another miscarriage process’, we read on the cover of the Story. The two appeared Monday together on the red carpet of the film’s Trio in Kinepolis Antwerp, with a smile on their face. Despite their suffering, they continue to be in a second child together believe. “And yet, we want to have a baby. We even have already a name”, we read on the cover of the Story.
Lesley-Ann Poppe recently got a second miscarriage process. After the birth of Gabriel was Lesley-Ann pretty fast back pregnant. On 17 november 2016, she put her son Gabriel to the world and in the early spring of 2017, it is revealed that blonde back pregnant. Unfortunately, it got Lesley-Ann already in april of that year a miscarriage. That was a painful thing, Lesley-Ann and Kevin were very sad, and there rolled great tears. Lesley-Ann was at the time of the miscarriage two months pregnant. Early pregnant but could the pain not alleviate it. Lesley-Ann thought that maybe it was too early, maybe it was her body not yet ready for a new pregnancy. By the end of 2018 has Lesley-Ann so again a miscarriage have to process. “I was nine weeks pregnant. That was just as intense, but I also try not to think about it too,” says Lesley-Ann in the Story of this week. The second miscarriage was very hard for Lesley-Ann, but also for Kevin. The two may have this problem now what to be put into perspective, mother nature was to them not favorable. “We already have two healthy children, we should also not do too much; We have already had good luck in our lives, that unhappiness, we take it. Setbacks should now once in the life,” says Lesley-Ann. Nevertheless, hopes the pair are still on that third child. “We even have already a name, both for a girl as for a boy. But if it fails, I lay me down. I want Lesley-Ann is not under printing”, concludes Kevin.
The full story, you can read this week in Story.

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