A United Kingdom: a lovestory which is a country on its foundations did vibrate

‘A United Kingdom’ tells the incredible and true story of an African prince who falls in love with a British woman, and exiled to London. Now in the Movies & Series Pass of Proximus TV.

London, just after the Second world War. Seretse Khama (David Oyelowo), the descendant of an African royal family and heir to the throne of the subsequent Botswana, studying in Oxford. He met the British officer Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike). It is love at first sight, but their relationship and huwelijkeplannen encounter a lot of opposition. Problem: he is black, they are white.
His family has not so for white British and advises him to renounce the throne. Her father sees a black son-in-law do not sit and threaten her to see her. Even the British and South African governments moeien with the case. The idea of a biraciaal couple that reigns in a neighbouring country of the republic where the Apartheid was introduced … unthinkable.
A United Kingdom is based on the book ‘Colour Bar by Susan Williams and tells a true, interesting story. The direction is in the hands of Amma Asante, who previously Belle , and A Way of Life delivered. The leading roles are beautifully played by David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike.
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