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Work Andy Warhol stolen during drugsfeest in Zwevegem

During a runaway housewarming in Zwevegem, organized by the son of the house when his parents were on a journey, are two works of art by Andy Warhol stolen. Three defendants were the code of the alarm system scam the drunk young man. They risk sentences up to eighteen months.

A young man from Zwevegem decided during the summer of 2016, while his parents were on a journey, to organise a party for some friends. There proved, however, much more guests than planned. While the guests plenty of drunk and drugs used, were the eyes of a 29-year-old man from Zwevegem, a 28-year-old man from Avelgem, and a man of 33 from Zulte, and on the impressive art collection of the parents.

On the wall hung two pieces of art of Andy Warhol. When the festivities are moved, and also the son of the house left the house, returned the three back to the house in Zwevegem and they went off with the works of art, about 104,000 euros worth. The son noticed the theft only when he the day after back home.

The treasure was eventually found by one of the suspects, nota bene, during a search in a different issue. Who claims that the two other suspects forced him to participate in the operation. The Public Ministry is progressing for him a prison sentence of fifteen months.

Another defendant denies that he is something to do with the theft. He risks a prison sentence of eighteen months. The third was Monday, not present in the court of Kortrijk. He is facing a prison sentence of fifteen months above the head.

Judgment on march 11.

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