Will Smith is finally shown in new trailer ‘Aladdin’

bc4c749b46200234fdd6057d0c4f85c3 - Will Smith is finally shown in new trailer 'Aladdin'

There are new images released of the live-action remake of ‘Aladdin’. In the re-imagined disney film, we see more Marwan Kenzari as Jafar and Will Smith as the Spirit. In the new video is next Kenzari and Smith also Naomi Scott to see if Princess Jasmine.

‘Aladdin’ tells the story about a poor boy who, for the love of a princess to win to find a wonderlamp that all his wishes can fulfill. The animated film was made in 1992 to be a huge hit, among others, by the voice of Robin Williams as the Ghost.

The remake of ‘Aladdin’, in which Mena Massoud the title role of Aladdin itself expresses, is from the end of may in the cinemas.

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