Two to the sixth power is back

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Two to the sixth power is a tv classic of format. In this sixth season, Jeroen Meus his debut as quizmaster. Cooking programs are for Jeroen daily costs, but a televisiequiz present, that he has never done that. On Sunday 24 February, he receives his baptism of fire.
As always take two pairs of unknown people on against a duo of BV’s. Win the strangers, and they take over 10,000 euros to take home, win the BV’s then the $ 10,000 to Come on against cancer. To the pot to rijven, candidates should avoid Jeroen them on the wrong leg.

Some BV’s were already in previous seasons of Two to the sixth power. Others like Jeroen their debut, including Kim Clijsters, Wim Opbrouck, Steven Van Herreweghe, Laura Tesoro, Jelle De Beule and Tom Boonen.

Themes, from culinary to comedy
Each week the quiz is built around a specific theme.
In the first episode, on February 24, is that applicable ‘culinary’. The episode is flavored by Véronique De Kock and Wim Opbrouck. Jeroen seasoned the whole thing with juicy questions, spicy tidbits and a pinch of humor.

The week after that, on Sunday, march 3, may Tom Boonen and Tom Waes measure with two lesser known, but equally likeable duo’s in an episode around sport. Tom Waes is an avid sports fan, and for Tom Boonen, this is a kind of comeback, because 15 years ago he played for the last (and also for the first time) to participate in a quiz: Quizta, a sportquiz of Sporza.

Friday 10 march is the International women’s day and specially makes Jeroen on Sunday, march 5, a ‘ladies night’, with only women in the studio. The BV’s are that night, two well-Known Women: Kim Clijsters and Karen Damen.

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