“Tommeke, Tommeke, what do you do now?” and other sportverhalen

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In four new episodes of Belga Sport looks Canvas back on memorable moments and heroes from the Belgian sporting history.

On the basis of archival footage and interviews with the parties involved, and kroongetuigen the program in search of new insights, the full truth and the correct meaning of the following historical sports event:
Tom Boonen – The Wonderjaren: the successful early years in the pro career of Tom Boonen, was crowned with a world title in Madrid in 2005.
Onyx Moneytron – gone up In smoke: about Formula 1 adventure of Jean-Pierre Van Rossem with his Onyx Moneytron team in 1989-1990)
Pär Zetterberg – Success tastes sweet: the career of a football player with diabetes, which is the largest part of his career at Anderlecht played from 1986 to 2006.
The european CHAMPIONSHIPS Judo of 1997, Only gold is good enough: over the following years of the Belgian judoteam under the leadership of Jean-Marie Dedecker in the ’90s.

Paris-Roubaix 2002, Flanders for the first acquaintance with Tom Boonen. In the hunt for a big hitter Johan Museeuw, the young neo pro of the US Postal team as hard carry, his team leader, George Hincapie of fatigue the canal going into. Boonen finishes the day as third on the mythical piste of Roubaix. Boonen is the ultimate example of the old wielerwijsheid: “What’s good, comes quickly”.

In 2003, Boonen for the team of Patrick Lefevere. Quick-Step changes Boonen quickly in a veelwinnaar. He wins semiklassiekers as the E3-prijs Harelbeke, and Gent-Wevelgem. In the Tour sprint he stages in Angers and the Champs Elysees. It turns out all just a precursor to what would follow.

Boonen sweeps in 2005, fifteen years of cycling history from the table. He drives the cycling of doubt and hesitation-to the doom. He throws the established order down with his attractive and attacking style. A week after the E3-prize winning Boonen, his first major classic: the Tour of Flanders. Boonen has his 24th already have enough koersinzicht to the match to turn his hand. With a perfectly timed attack, he lets Peter Van Petegem and co behind and rides solo to Meerbeke. On top of the Bosberg is the scepter passed… A week later realize Boonen is also the legendary double on the piste of Roubaix. Flanders has a new God… But time to enjoy is not there.

Boonen leaves with ambitions to France. He dreams of green, but the Tour is turning out to be a big disappointment. After two stage victories has Boonen the green securely around the shoulders, but a heavy fall throws a spanner in the works and Tom will need to specify. At home in the Mole, he turns the knob. He takes his phone and call the coach José De Cauwer. He has only one goal: to be world champion in Madrid.

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