The truth behind Leonardo DiCaprio’s famous cry in “Titanic”: “I Was not in the script”

334d193fc624ef09fb637541b3ac448d - The truth behind Leonardo DiCaprio's famous cry in "Titanic": "I Was not in the script"

“I’m the king of the world!”: the scene from ‘Titanic’ – one of the most successful film in history – in which the character of Leonardo DiCaprio on the bow of the ship, ecstatic state to scream in everyone’s memory. In a recent interview with BBC Radio, unveiled by director James Cameron how the world-famous exclamation.

The Oscars overloaded “Titanic” from 1997 contains several iconic scenes, but one in which Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jack on the bow of the huge ship, his joy, shouts the audience is perhaps the most memorable.

“That sentence was spot idea”, was unveiled by director James Cameron to BBC Radio. “I was on a filmkraan, and we had several texts tried, but nothing really had impact. Then I got an idea and said over the walkie-talkie to Leonardo that his arms had spread and all had to be present in the moment. And then he had the words to shout.”

On the other side of the line sounded confused. “Leo understood me not. I said that he his soul into the text had to; he had it as convincing as possible. He understood me still not. When wound me: “Say: ‘the fuck!’.”

Cameron with “Titanic” the Oscar for Best Director and Best Film win. In his dankspeech he shouted the now famous words: “I’m the king of the world!”.

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