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The Standard two times nominated for the main prize for investigative journalism

The project Curieuzeneuzen and report on abuse in the construction industry have been nominated for The Magnifying glass, the top award for investigative journalism in Flanders and the Netherlands. This is The Standard in the Flemish media with the largest number of nominations.

The burgerproject Curieuzeneuzen, in which 20,000 readers of The Standard assisted with the collection of data on air pollution, has been nominated in the category ‘Signalerend’ news. The other nominees are a reportage about ‘mercy killing’ from Vranckx & the Nomaeden, and a Dutch series about the failure of the ‘robotrechter’.

Journalist Kasper Goethals received the nomination for his investigation into the exploitation of Ukrainians in the construction industry in our country. He makes like two Dutch journalists chance to win the prize, which is reserved for journalists not older than 30 years.

In the other categories is also a Belgian nominee. The Time as well as the Knack for their role in an international investigation into the malfunctioning implants chance of winning the prize in the category ‘controlling’. The much talked about Pano-reportage about Shield & Friends is looking to take the prize in the category ‘opsporend’.

The winners will be on march 22, announced on the Evening of the investigative journalism in Amsterdam.

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