Tame Impala and Twenty One Pilots first headliners of the Pukkelpop

199719c29d9f7c7647542cb5a16843e5 - Tame Impala and Twenty One Pilots first headliners of the Pukkelpop

Pukkelpop today the first names on his poster for the 34th edition, announced. On Saturday 17 August, the Australian band Tame Impala to Kiewit, while the Us band Twenty One Pilots on Sunday 18 August at Pukkelpop.

Tame Impala, the band around frontman Kevin Parker was already two times before at Pukkelpop in 2010 and in 2015. With ‘Let It Happen’ scored the group in 2015 to be a hit, but this summer, Tame Impala to Kiewit for a new album. According to Pukkelpop has Tame Impala a strong live-reputation, partly thanks to impressive light shows and laserprojecties.

“Tame Impala is such a typical Pukkelpopband that through the years the festival has grown along with the organization. In 2010, they stood for the first time ever with us, in the Club. When they were still a very young psychedelic lo-fi group,” says Pukkelpop organizer Chokri Mahassine. “Five years later, they played again with us and the Marquee then burst out at the seams. I remember well how impressed they were with the enthusiasm of the Pukkelpoppers.”

Also Twenty One Pilots for the third time at Pukkelpop present, after performances in 2013 and 2015. In 2015 knew Twenty One Pilots his big breakthrough came with the songs ‘Ride’ and ‘Stressed Out’ from the album ‘Blurryface’. Last year, they released their fifth album, ‘Trench’, from. “Also, Twenty One Pilots sit from the beginning on our radar. Real podiumbeesten and likeable guys. In 2015 gave singer Tyler Joseph to us nearly a heart attack by 21 metres high in the Main Stage to climb”, says Chokri Mahassine. “I love that kind of energy, and that men continue to fully go for it. You may also notice that they have a sincere relationship with their fans.”

The 34th edition of Pukkelpop – which is the 28th time in Kiewit – takes place this year from 15 August to 18 August. The organization announced last year surprising that the festival now from Thursday to Sunday takes place. This avoids the traditional opening on Wednesday.

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