Nothing but good news for Johan & Bals

31816cf22551761d8c68ddf5f2459f08 - Nothing but good news for Johan & Bals

It seems there really that 2019 a peak year for Johan & The Bals. Most people associate Johan only with The Buurtpolitie in which he the role of Obi Basu plays but Johan is much more than that. For years he stands on stages and ensures Johan for the pleasant musical afternoons and or evenings. Recently brought Johan the single ‘Flanders’, and with that number rises this week from 41 to 29 in the Ultratop Flemish 50. And there’s more good news because he will play the leading role in ‘Fierce’, the new theatre production of Lieven Debrouwer that from the end of October in Theatre M to Mechelen will be shown.

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