New single Jan Wuytens: ‘I dream of you’

657c9dfc2659a1b98b523605edb35fcb - New single Jan Wuytens: 'I dream of you'

Jan Wuytens is already long no longer an unknown in the Flemish music. After a successful duet album with Wendy Of Mittens, choose the West-Vlaming now for a solo single in the Flemish pop. The symphonic accompaniment, but with a modern twist, support perfect classical voice in his new single, “I dream of you”.

“My new single, ‘I dream of you’, is one of those forgotten gems of Paul Severs”, says Jan. “And who could that number be better to reinvent than his son Christophe Severs. I met Christophe in his Hallround Studios, where he me a number of ideas had to hear how he will be the number wanted to arrange. Without that we had met, he played on the piano what I had in mind. Modern but still true to the classic genre. Of a click!”, said Jan enthusiastically. “The song I wanted already a long time, rework, because it is really a masterpiece of my dad. Everyone knows him from his singalong songs, but this song from his rich repertoire to this day less known, remained. Time to change! The song sounded in 1976 already big and thus had a great voice is necessary and just that I found back in Jan”, marvels Christophe.

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