Monday in Topdokters

206443a90c95e90313b7f4340856d9a0 - Monday in Topdokters

In UZ Gent begins the 38-year-old roboturoloog Karel Decaestecker Monday on his first day as ‘professor’, Decaestecker in the third episode of Topdokters. He is specialized in the treatment of kidney and blaastumoren with robotchirurgie. Today, he sees a man with bladder cancer. During a long and complex robotoperatie he will from a piece of thin bowel a vervangblaas.

For prof. Decaestecker, it was not easy to be a surgeon to be: “My parents were Jehovah’s witnesses and they wanted my studies to not support it. They wanted rather that I have a simple job would do to have as much time as possible to devote to the preaching of that faith, but I preferred reading my math books than the Bible.”

Prof. Willingly – “During a catheterization can always be due to mis, including die.”
Professor Marc Willing, is a world authority in pediatric cardiology. In the university hospital of Leuven treats babies and children with complex congenital heart defects. He follows a toddler with a narrowing of the pulmonary artery. Prof. Willingly will go through a delicate surgery along the inguinal vein to try to broaden.

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