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Mark Jeffrey: Bitcoin price will rise to $ 250,000 – Coin Hero

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Mark Jeffrey: Bitcoin price will rise to $ 250,000

Home News Mark Jeffrey: Bitcoin price is 250.000 USD to rise

Marcus Misiak –

The author of the book “Bitcoin Explained Simply” in the year 2013 says that he is sticking to his prediction that Bitcoin will reach a “third act”, which will bring the price of Bitcoin to $ 250,000. Mark Jeffrey compared in Mark Pesces “The Next Billion Seconds” Podcast of the current crypto bear market, with the crash of the Dotcom bubble that began to burst in 2000.

In the recent Podcast of the Bitcoin pioneer, Mark Jeffrey claimed that the crypto-currency will eventually rise to new, breathtaking all-time highs. Jeffrey noticed that crypto-currencies are similar to the early dot-com industry and thus a number of analysts, the Thesis already previously set up. However, the developments in the crypto Space are compressed, in his opinion, in comparison to the Dotcom time, so much so that the developments on the crypto market four to five times faster than in the case of the Dotcom bubble.

I think this is very similar to the Dot-Com Boom and Bust Cycle that we have in the late 90s and early 2000s seen. We have just the analogue of this cycle in the crypto-universe, experienced in a compressed time frame.

I think people have become very cocky and leaning probably a little out of the window, and then you get scared. And don’t forget that the [traditional] markets have also experienced a crash and a lot of volatility, so that the crypto market can not be considered in isolation. So I think this influences the crypto-universe, to a certain degree.

Apart from that, he also noted that the current bear market was not currencies of the end of the story for Bitcoin and other Crypto, and added that current market conditions are only cycles are a by-product of the market. In fact, he noted that the “third act” of this story, he is compared with Star Wars: The Return Of The Jedi, the soon-to-be before :

The third act is coming. And if it is something like the dot-com Boom and Bust, we have seen only a small rash, then a dead time, and then an actual increase in value with Amazon, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and others. I think we will see the Same in the case of crypto-currencies.

$ 250,000 Bitcoin forecast

And with all of this in mind, doubled Jeffrey its earlier forecast and said that Bitcoin could eventually rise up to 250,000 dollars. Jeffrey hesitated, an explicit time axis, but due to its previously mentioned comments at the time of compression in the crypto sphere, it is likely that his prediction will be achieved in a few years/a decade.

Jeffrey is not the only Analyst who says this, currently crazy-sounding Bitcoin price prediction. Tim Draper, legendary venture capitalist and Bitcoin Enthusiast, said last year that he believes that Bitcoin could rise up to 2022 on $ 250,000.

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