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Local bitcoins is implementing early in the new EU legislation for the identification of Coin Hero

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Local bitcoins is implementing early new EU legislation for the identification

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Matthias Nemack –

Anonymous Log in to crypto exchanges in the EU could soon be a thing of the past. The provider local bitcoins shows where the journey can go.

Local bitcoins is responding faster than other platforms

The European Union demands from the beginning of 2020 for more stringent measures in the fight against Criminals and, in particular, money laundering. The new policy and law were to apply to crypto stock exchanges, investors, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other digital currencies can trade. Skipping ahead, the company is local bitcoins is currently responding to the new EU legislation under the 5th Anti-Money-Laundering. As the company announced in its announcement, especially the early implementation of the new legislation in Finland.

Country, Finland, introduces new rules before the target date

The country has, in fact, used well, a year less for the Amendment of domestic laws and the new Anti-money laundering law almost a year earlier in the act. Local bitcoins acts as a platform for the OTC Bitcoin trading, and already exists since the year 2011. So far, the service provider was popular precisely because of the waiver of the verification for customers in many crypto Fans. The new 5MLD-regulation will, however, have been the impact of this dramatically – and exactly this is the goal of the EU Commission. Users should, in the future, to identify, to register and for the trade register. It is not a special crypto-law, rather, it will come to the expansion of the General financial industry regulations.

The fight against money laundering costs the customer anonymity

Instead of the previous platform no longer be able to sign up customers soon only with a valid email address for the trade. A valid identification document is required as proof of identity. How, exactly, the future requirements of appearance, is not yet precisely known. The company emphasized, however, that with the new mandatory information as well as the optimization of the platform for the purposes of the customer is to be made. Either way, the news means upcoming compromising anonymity, which is, so far, a significant Argument for Litecoin, and other Coins, and for a long time before Bitcoin. The Changes will be implemented at the latest by the end of March. Inevitably, other vendors will have to respond until the expiry of the period of time.

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