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Kevin Pauwels stops cyclocross: within two weeks last price

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Kevin Pauwels stops after this season with cyclocross. That made his team known on Twitter. Within two weeks, he drives his last cross.

“An important decision, yes. But I took them not now, then next year probably. Because I can no longer provide the performance as I want. By my back. And also because of my age. In the beginning of the matches I get less and less in earnest,” said Pauwels.

Also emotionally weighed heavily. “I can do it all is still difficult to muster. The training sessions, but also the games. That have been amusing if it goes well, but not if you’re driving around like I did yesterday. I won still in Hasselt and in Zonnebeke. This was so not the year to many. But maybe next winter though. Now, there were in addition to those two victories to be few other good performances.”


How the future of Kevin Pauwels will look like, is still not clear. The Kalmthoutenaar received from his current employer with a proposal to as a mechanic in the service of the team to act, but that proposal has, in addition to resigned themselves. Pauwels has invested the past years in real estate and will be financially not much need to worry.

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