James Cameron is working on a fifth ‘Alien’film

2fd56cbebabf3933a21fe0e2e736011a - James Cameron is working on a fifth 'Alien'film

James Cameron himself has declared that he is the ‘Alien’franchise back under hands. That said, the director and the film producer at IGN. Cameron, that the movie ‘Aliens’ in 1986 is still directed, the franchise to breathe new life into.

On the question of whether he will soon be director Neill Blomkamp (‘District 9’, ‘Chappie’) will call the question to his ‘Alien’plans out of the closet, said Cameron at the reporter that “it works currently”. In practice, it would have to go to a direct sequel. Possible is Blomkamp the events of Alien 3, and further expunge and the thread of ‘Aliens’ to pick up with Sigourney Weavers Ellen Ripley & co.

Cameron did, however, still other plans from the cloths. He told also what about a sixth “Terminator” movie. That sixth “Terminator” film would be a direct sequel to the first two parts of director Cameron. The film has a tentative working title of “Terminator: Dark Fate”.

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