It is make or break for Sanchez

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A woman takes part in the demonstrations against prime minister Sanchez.

In the week that the Spanish prime minister Noted his budget will be approved, the Catalan separatists have sent him in the lurch.

The Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, has gambled and lost. To his minority government in the saddle, and taking a more left-wing policies than his predecessor, he has in the parliament …

The Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, has gambled and lost. To his minority government in the saddle, and taking a more left-wing policies than his predecessor, he has in the parliament, the support of the Catalan separatist representatives required. It seemed at first not so difficult to reach out to the rebellious Catalans. After the zero-tolerance policy of the previous conservative government thought the socialist government is likely to agree could come up with the Catalan government. But the talks with the Catalans last Friday inflated.

According to the Spanish deputy prime minister Carmen Calvo was the bewindsploeg in Barcelona do not comply with the negotiation room that the Spanish government offered. The Catalans demanded a new referendum about the right of self-determination: they wanted the referendum that they on October 1, 2017, without the consent of the previous government in Madrid had organized, again, but this time with the consent of Madrid.

21 points on the table
The separatist negotiators had 21 points, placed on the table to which the Spanish government had to meet, for the Catalan, separatist members of parliament the budget would approve of in the national parliament. They wanted that the important process against the Catalan separatist politicians, that Tuesday in Madrid to start (see inset), were dropped is because that ” a political process and, consequently, a legal farce’. They demanded further an international mediator during the negotiations, both parties ‘equal footing’ would treat.

The government-Sánchez was prepared the addition to the Catalan state seriously to increase, they wanted to talk about more powers, but they did not want the unity of Spain itself. “We are they met, but if they are covered by these terms and conditions do not want to negotiate, then we stop with them,” said the Spanish deputy prime minister Carmen Calvo Friday.

The betrayal of Spain
The Spanish opposition parties to the right to find it outrageous that the government so far has dared, in her talks with the Catalan government. They had called yesterday to argue for the dismissal of the government requirements. According to the organizers, there were not less than 200,000 protesters show up, the government had yet to 45,000. It was a mishmash that is located on Madrid’s Plaza de Colón had collected. The presidents of the Partido Popular and Ciudadanos walked next to the extreme right-wing Vox. Since Vox in Andalusia gedoogsteun indicates the centre-right minority government, it seems the party is part of the normal Spanish political life. Further, also walked the Peruvian ex-president and writer Mario Vargas LLosa, and Manuel Valls –?the French politician who was mayor of Barcelona wants to be?– join in the parade. They chanted that the social democratic government, the Spaniards betrayed when she negotiations aanknoopte with the Catalan separatists, and had agreed with an international mediator to the matter”. The right-wing opposition parties, that the unity of Spain high in their commitment, finding that the Catalans the future of Spain in the game.

Early elections
Sánchez is now. He can be in the parliament yet count on the support of Podemos, but that left-wing party with her 67 votes in the PSOE, not to a majority help.

The premier was going to be Wednesday a new start. After eight months of messing about on the basis of the budget of the previous government, he wanted to this week, a private budget submission with a lot of left-hand accents. That he had with Podemos agreed, when she was in June last year, and with the support of the regional nationalist parties, the government Rajoy fall brought.
To get his budget through the parliament, the PSOE not only the voices of Podemos, but also that of the five Basque nationalists, the 17 Catalan independentistas and some of the other votes are needed. Now the negotiations with the Catalans are spalling, it does not seem likely that Sánchez for their support Wednesday.

No one knows whether premier Sánchez the end of the week will pick up. Also, since the opposition parties have no majority in parliament, there is little chance that they are a vote of confidence in will questions. Deputy prime minister Calvo said that there may be early elections. Maybe that’s a way to get the Catalans back to the negotiating table to get. They will also realize that they are from a different –?right?– government, still less done.

Process Catalan politicians begins Tuesday

In Madrid begins on Tuesday the trial against nine Catalan politicians who are being accused of rebellion against the Spanish state. They have the referendum organised in which the Catalans on October 1, 2017 could speak about independence.

According to the public prosecutor to have the suspects in the run-up to the referendum, violence is used, what is reason they are for ‘rebellion’ to continue. They risk prison sentences of 16 to 25 years.

Most of the defendants are already more than a year in pretrial. The five suspects, including the then minister-president Carles Puigdemont, fled abroad. Repeated attempts to deliver have failed.

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