In Sweden, discovered the crown jewels are really

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The jewelry last week in a trash can in the vicinity of Stockholm were discovered, are indeed the stolen crown jewels.

After several days of research, the Swedish authorities as to the authenticity confirmed of the jewels in the crown that last week in a trash can were discovered. It is indeed to the jewelry from the cathedral of Strängnäs were stolen, informed the police on Monday.

The forensic institute of the police was the last doubts about the authenticity from the road clean up with the help of the Swedish church. In what condition the objects are in, is not yet clear.

The jewels are the crown and the orb of in 1611, died Charles IX of Sweden and the crown in 1625 dead wife, queen Christina von Holstein-Gottorp. They were at the end of July 2018 stolen from the cathedral. The jewels have an estimated value of converted more than six million euros.

In the case were at the end of last week two suspects were arrested, because they have something to do with the theft would have. A 22-year-old Swede should be for the court to justify that. He would have a companion during the three crown jewels have been stolen. He denies the facts, but in the cathedral were traces of his blood found.

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