February is a BIG CAT month National Geograhic!

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February is National Geographic’s in the sign of Big Cat Month, the annual actiemaand about Big Cats: pumas, tigers, lions, cheetahs and jaguars. On National Geographic you can enjoy the most beautiful images and most impressive reports about the large kattensoorten.

Every Sunday at 18.00 hours of new documentaries on National Geographic WILD!

With the Big Cat Month dedicates National Geographic WILD the month of February on the world’s most ferocious felines. Every Sunday evening there is another big cat, central.

National Geographic wants with the month of their Big Cats Initiative spotlighting that globally, research and transfer of knowledge about big cats promotes. To be the initiative for additional support, there is this month a 7-day safari to win for 2 persons to the Great Kruger park in South Africa.

Who chance to make this dream trip, in February, play here!

Why are big cats so important? Click here to view the interview with leeuwenonderzoeker Hans de Jongh:

National Geographic WILD is available on channel 97 in the tv-bundle Entertainment Channels on Proximus TV.

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