Dutch crowdfundingsactie for Pippi Longstocking

c75aeb7fa01c9bfe20920a48b9a759d8 - Dutch crowdfundingsactie for Pippi Longstocking

Two Dutch fans of the rebellious, Swedish girl Pippi Longstocking are a crowdfundingsactie started. With the money that comes in, they want the actors to thank who was at that time in the skin crawled Pippi and her friends Tommy and Annika. The threesome has never been a global success benefited.

The movies and tv-series around Pippi Longstocking, to the books of Astrid Lindgren, were from the 70’s in the Netherlands and Flanders.
Inger Nilsson who is adventurous, red-haired girl played, told me recently that she hardly paid got. They had more problems than fun of the role: directors continued to see her as the free-spirited girl from Villa Villekulla.
“It is a spontaneous action, straight from the heart”, said one of the two initiators, Heleen Bosma from Deventer, at the regional broadcaster RTV Oost. “Pippi always knew somewhere what to do. They showed up everywhere else against them could see. Hopefully we can still be grateful.” According to RTV Oost was the counter Sunday at 5,500 euros.

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