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David van der Poel hit the outer knieband to fall and the mist crosses in Middelkerke and Holly

David van der Poel (Corendon-Circus) came Sunday heavy fall in the Superprestige in Hoogstraten. The 26-year-old Dutchman to bounce back against a pole and had the match abandoned on a draagberrie. Monday ran the brother of world champion Mathieu van der Poel along with specialist Toon Claes in Herentals, and which stated that an injury to the ligament of the knee.

Van der Poel crashed in the start of the race in Hoogstraten. He cracked it against a pole and hurt his knee. He had to stop the race and was with a draagberrie carried away. He could his knee barely bending, but decided a hospital visit was not yet set up until Monday.

Since there is no change for the better was Monday, he brought a visit to the specialist Toon Claes in Herentals. After investigation the following was the verdict given. “The outer knieband is hit because his knee was twisted”, it sounds from discussion with Corendon-Circus. “He must now be a week of the bike remain. Very concretely: David misses the final event of the Superprestige in Middelkerke (VdP stands 15th in the standings, red) and the Bricocross in Hulst. On Monday next week, let him again run a control with doctor Claes.”

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