Conflict and emotion in the new season of Slang

6e5f4cd6aa5726986d386929ee1835dc - Conflict and emotion in the new season of Slang

In the new season of the documentary series Slang follows interviewer Eric Goens six different characters, each with a touching story. They provide an individual battle, a battle where no one in a good outcome believe, except… themselves. Nevertheless, they all fight. Against themselves, against prejudices, against a seemingly invincible enemy. In Slang, Eric you bring in their particular life stories. So fight rider Stig Broeckx back after a serious crash and picks up Annelies French wire back on after many years of alcohol addiction.

Rider Stig Broeckx was left for dead after a crash at the Tour of Belgium in 2016. Since then, he fights – against all odds – for a life on their own.

Annelies Frans is celebrating her first sober birthday in over 20 years. Her cure for addiction in South Africa is a definitive turning point towards a sober life.

The children of Stefaan Van Rumst, almost three years ago by their Polish mother kidnapped. Stefaan fight every day to get them back.

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