Blind Married: Tim asks Each in marriage

After already three enthusiastic jawoorden, were also the last four Blind Married-participants Monday evening a pleasant surprise when they make their future in the town hall saw.
Each received even more than they hoped for: a handsome, discreet, dear husband… that his knee went for her at their wedding. With an engagement ring. “I thought that was really very special. So he had the signal “I choose real for you, I want to really try”. I was totally moved by it.”

Victor crawled back on the stage to Line to feast on a gig. He is in fact part of the duo ‘Studio Vibe’ and brings with his own song, ‘Arendonk’, a playful and sturdy tribute to his hometown.
The new couple had a fun first day. Line: “I have always hoped that the click would be, what humor, or sounds totally fake, and that was the case.” And also with Victors prevent them happy, ” she said camouflaged against him yourself “I was really content about you, my first impression (laughs) and you’d be smooth also.”

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