Big Brother-winner victim of senseless violence

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Do You know Kristof Van Camp yet? Maybe it helps if we are callsign “Dike” from Big Brother to mention it here. Kristof was at the end of 2003, the winner of the fourth edition of Big Brother. Kristof was a real teddy bear and he earned the 50,000 euros that he won the double and thick. Kristof, a café, and he does that still today. Kristof is a welcome horecabaas in Leuven, where he at the Old Market a business operates. Unfortunately, not everyone Kristof just had to. The cafébaas was last weekend, the victim of senseless violence. “Thank you to the 5 boys that I wanted to prove that 5 man is stronger than 1” wrote Kristof Sunday on Facebook. Unfortunately, it was Kristof a suit blows. The damage? A few bruised ribs – and that can be painful and a thick head. It is the first time in 30 years that Kristof on the Old Market, is that something he has. The reason for the attack? “They thought that I was at the wrong time in the wrong place”, responds Kristof. Speedy recovery, Kristof.

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