Unrecognizable Koen De Graeve in Studio Tarara

148f7014fbd5949d328a44f14cc3f131 - Unrecognizable Koen De Graeve in Studio Tarara

Koen De Graeve plays from Tuesday in the lead role in Studio Tarara. In the past, he had for a role is already some serious bulking up or slimming. “Extreme weight loss would be to me now, and anyway, a lot more effort,” he says in Gazet Van Antwerpen. “Don’t think that I have this pleasure and have done. It has to do with the vanity of every actor. If they are an actor looking for a guy who likes to eat and drink, they can directly approach everyone who looks like that. But, although it is slightly overconfident, do you necessarily have to prove that you own such a role also can play. I have for Studio Tarara four months to walk around with a coupe soleil. Including meches, that they had me fitted. First there was discussed the idea with a wig. But then we met a bit of trouble during the filming of the skits, where Ricky is, anyway, wearing a wig. Concrete would I have two wigs on top of each other have put. Anyway, the hair was real, just like my fairly tanned skin.”

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