Trump fits the environmental laws to border faster to replace

d891bce924be8978606ddf0bbb328eaa - Trump fits the environmental laws to border faster to replace

The government of the American president Donald Trump has announced that they have environmental compliance to be deferred to the fences on the border with Mexico faster to replace. It goes over an important border crossing in San Diego, where, according to Trump, many migrants illegally in the U.S. come in.

According to the government, there is an “acute and immediate need” to physical boundaries to build up to the US to protect against ‘illegal entries’. In order not to have to comply with the environmental regulations, several federal laws changed.

The Texan company SLSCO Ltd already has an agreement concluded with the government for the fence, which is about 9 meters high and consists of steel, over a length of 900 km and should be replaced. Now there is no longer taken into account should be with the environmental requirements, can the work this month start.

Environmental ngos have already criticised the decision. A dozen rare animal species would be at risk now. “It is no surprise that the government of Trump laws, our communities and our animals protect, bypasses to its dangerous policy of border security is to be able to perform”, said Jamie Rappaport Clark, president and ceo of Defenders of Wildlife.

Previously challenged environmental Trump and his government for the right for similar decisions. Those cases are pending.

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