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To push fans who scoff at vliegtuigramp Sala held, club promises strict action

Premier League club Southampton Saturday after its 1-2 defeat against Cardiff City promised the fans during the match, mocking the vliegtuigramp of Cardiff-gain Emiliano Sala strict will punish. Two supporters in the stands did a crashing plane. They will be provided by the club are excluded.

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“We can confirm that two fans be detained and interrogated”, let Southampton know in a press release. “Such behavior has no place in football. We tolerate this. We will work with the police to cooperate for these individuals to identify and to punish.”

The match at Southampton was the first for Cardiff City since the club Thursday night got the confirmation that the body of her new spire was identified. Emiliano Sala collapsed on 21 January on board a private plane down over the Channel. The player was by the Welsh club have just taken over FC Nantes.

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