The Colleagues 2.0 solves the expectations not in

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The Colleagues 2.0 solves the expectations. The film is coming to its end in the cinemas and the number of visitors is around 140.000. For director Jan Verheyen is a real setback, ” he said to het Nieuwsblad. It is even far too little to cover the cost. Reportedly, there were between 200,000 and 300,000 visitors to the cost. Apparently stirs up the film a lot of people, because the reactions are quite divided. The Colleagues 2.0 has fans, but also haters, and this has had its impact on the mouth-to-mouth.

The production had not seen it coming, but Jan Verheyen felt the rain or hang out after the movie in the halls. “On Thursday you know what your film has performed in front of the other on Wednesday, the opening day. In that context, we were simply not strong enough and then you know that there is a problem. I’m really not good”, said the director in the newspaper. To say that ran Jan Verheyen some scuffs. Release of the fourth film FC De Kampioenen is he not a long-term comedies, but because it is a difficult genre.

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