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Telenet Giants Antwerp demonstrates against Okapi Aalstar Ostend comes with the fright against Limburg United

05d233b34e136b6a56891bc30759cbd4 - Telenet Giants Antwerp demonstrates against Okapi Aalstar Ostend comes with the fright against Limburg United

Antwerp Giants remains after the successes in the Champions League and the Cup of Belgium, also in the EuroMillions League sharp acting. The Inhabitants won after a new demonstration in a 4,000 spectators filled Lotto Arena, after all, with etched figures of Okapi Aalstar and continue with 10 on 14, and with two games in the Lotto Arena, on the program, unofficially second. Ostend seemed to turn on the way to an easy victory against Limburg United, but gave an advantage of 20 points off your hands. In the slot won it narrowly with 88-87.

Antwerp Giants also stopped the series of Okapi Aalstar. The Onions had in 2019 is not yet lost, achieved a 4 on 4, and brought in the scalp of Charleroi, and Ostend to the Lotto Arena. The young selection of coach Roel Moors grip Okapi Aalstar however, right at the throat. By Ismael Bako, Dennis Donkor, Jae Sean Tate and Vic Sanders went to a 27-16 bonus after the first quarter. The young gang of coach Roel Moors remained sharp acting and also Tyler Kalinoski, Paris Lee and Trevor Thompson went to 54-36 midway through.

In the second half had Okapi Aalstar is no response. The Giants spoke frisky and so fast and packed with stunning collective basketball. Yoeri Blades did back his coin in the bag, Dave Dudzinski scored and after 78-51 and 86-62 went in a swirling and especially partying Lotto Arena to a 104-74 victory. The young Killian Van Den Langenbergh scored the century for the Giants.

Telenet Giants Antwerp-Okapi Aalstar 104-74

Man of the Match: Vic Sanders 15 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists

Antwerp Giants: (37 of 62 shots, including 11 on 22 triples, 19 on 26 vrijworpen 19 errors) LEE 5-5, KALINOSKI 5-4, SANDERS 9-6, BLADES 3-3, BAKO 6-3, Of The Langenbergh 0-1, Tate 5-4, Van Den Eynde 0-0, Vanwijn 2-6, Dudzinski 4-9, Thompson 5-6, Donkor 10-3

Okapi Aalstar: (25 of 62 shots, including 8 of 27 triples, 16 to 18 vrijworpen and 21 errors) SMITH 0-0, GEUKENS 3-0, DAVIS 5-6, THOMAS 7-8, VAN DER MARS, 11-2, Williams 5-11, Casero 2-2, Amis 3-7, Buysse 0-2, Dierickx 0-0

Kwars: 27-16, 27-20, 24-15, 26-23

Oostende wins after spektakelmatch

Incredible fourth quarter by the sea: Limburg United did a 80-60-delay tilt in a 86-87-ahead, but Kesteloot avoided a fourth consecutive defeat: 88-87.

Seven points of Kesteloot formed a hoofdaandeel of the Ostend production at 13-8. Delalieux, and Unruh did the score through 14-14 tilt to 18-24. Both teams had in the initial quarter to 50 % finished but the four missed vrijworpen at the kustploeg determined the 22-26 retardation.

Djurisic, Mwema and Lambrecht brought Oostende 31-27 first but Limburg United took at 39-40 the lead again. Djordjevic and Fieler expressed then through to a 53-45-rustscore by. In that second quarter had the Oostendenaars ten assists handed out. Limburg counted Morris and Unruh halfway through the race all three errors.

Schwartz (7) and Buza (5) cycle after the peace under their partner a 12-2 rush in each other. In the 27th minute put Desiron the twenties (74-53) on the scoreboard. With bombs of Unruh and Depuydt halveerden the visitors the 80-60-delay in 80-70-digits. Even more, Dedroog dunkte 80-72, and Carrington scored after a steal 80-74. Still 6’32” on the clock. A little later heard Desiron his fifth error.

With his fifth bomb approached Unruh to 86-82. Vrijworpen of Carrington and a bomb of Depuydt brought Limburg 86-87 front. In between, had Djordjevic and Djurisic each two vrijworpen left unexploited. Eventually signed Kesteloot at pass of Djurisic’s basket of the victory. Depuydts ultimate driepuntpoging landed badly.

OOSTENDE: (31 of 63, of which 9 to 22 triples, 21: 36 vrijworpen, 20 errors) LASISI 0-0, DJORDJEVIC 9-2, KESTELOOT 7-7, FIELER 9-6, MARIC 0-0, Williams 5-2, Lambrecht 7-0, Schwartz 3-9, Buza 2-7, Mwema 5-0, Desiron 3-4, Djurisic 3-2.

LIMBURG UNITED: (31 to 64, of which 13 of 28 triples, 16 at 21 vrijworpen, 30 errors) CARRINGTON 10-6, PICKENS 3-5, MORRIS 5-0, DEPUYDT 3-8, SPICER 3-5, Delalieux 7-4, Dedroog 0-2, Unruh 5-14, Kuta 0-0, Price 9-2.

QUARTZ: 22-26, 31-19, 27-17, 12-29.

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