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Standard responds to “supporters” that Anderlecht-fans and even ambulance attacked: “This we will disapprove strongly.”

72f8ea864dcfaebd6eeded1f5e255f1c - Standard responds to “supporters” that Anderlecht-fans and even ambulance attacked: “This we will disapprove strongly.”

Standard has the behaviour of some of his “supporters” (deliberately in quotes) convicted. Hooligans of the Liège football team had on Saturday morning supporters of RSC Anderlecht attacked in Halle, germany. Three amokmakers are arrested and administratively detained. When an ambulance arrived on the scene to take the wounded from that attack to take care of, were also the ambulanciers are the target of the hooligans. “We condemn this incident, which apparently provoked by a few individuals, highly”, it sounds.

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“Apparently provoked”

Standard adopts the behavior of his “supporters” (deliberately in quotes) on his website:

“Standard heard through some media, the news about the incidents of Saturday in Halle (Vlaams-Brabant) in which the persons might be identified as “supporters” of our club. We condemn this incident, which apparently provoked by a few individuals, highly. They harm the image of our club which they claim to be a supporter, but also the image of our numerous supporters who consider themselves not at all recognize in such deplorable behavior.”

Anderlecht will examine legal steps

Also Anderlecht responded already on the incidents: “The club condemns the attack which some of our fans today have been the victim. We wish a lot of strength to the victims and to examine what legal steps we will take.”

Goalkeeper Thomas Didillon crossed the Anderlecht-fans a heart under the belt:

Feast gets out of hand

An association of RSCA supporters held Saturday in a banquet hall in Halle, germany, a festive meal. Wherein, however, also supporters of Standard Liege, who the attendees with sticks to body went.

“We have around 11.15 hrs received a call for a large fight at a banquet hall near the Don Bosco church in Halle,” says commissioner Steven De Rycke of the police Valley. “It was a feast of supporters of RSC Anderlecht in which a number of supporters of Standard Liege are down. That group consisted, according to some, from a 30-many people, others have about a 40-many people who run amok are starting to create in the banquet hall.”

Even ambulance attacked

It touched one person slightly wounded. That was brought to the hospital by an ambulance of the fire zone Vlaams-Brabant West but that was according to the fire brigade, not without a fight. The ambulance was on the way back from another intervention when he passed reed and the wounded on the ground lying. The ambulanciers were then rechtsomkeer, to the victim to be able to help. Just when the injured in the ambulance were loaded, attacked a 25-many people in the ambulance. There were a dent smashed into the bodywork of the vehicle. The ambulanciers reason it away and took the victim to the hospital.

The police was in the meantime also spot gone before with different teams and could have three amokmakers to pick it up. Which have been administratively arrested for disturbance of public order. Further research will now have to determine who all was involved in the facts and what share to everyone at the facts.

Never before on this scale

At the fire zone Vlaams-Brabant West is already wroth responded to the incident. “It is not the first time since the existence of the fire zone, that we are victims of a physical menace, but for the first time on this scale,” says spokesman Alain Habils. “We qualify this behavior as unacceptable and condemn strongly any violence, both against the order – as the emergency services. Our main concern is obviously, to our colleagues, but we are committed as a zone in the short term in consultation with our stakeholders, to structural measures, to take both the security and the safety of the personnel increase.”

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