Rudy Meyns disappointed in colleagues

05fd2211c483987bd0bfbab2e1724f00 - Rudy Meyns disappointed in colleagues

He is already since 1991 on the Flemish stages and scored several hits at 10 to See, presents to the VBRO and Ment and still with a lot of enthusiasm on stage. And yet there is something wring with Rudy Meyns. The singer bothers the fact that several of his colleagues to distort the market and far below the normal price going to occur. “Many in the row, ask the price of a gig. Just another in the row asks whether it is also half can. It asks that a carpenter or plumber or dentist, as a self proposed price, the half perhaps? Realize certain people even know what the recording of one single charge? A video clip? Your movement, your clothing, the whole picture?”, ask Rudy is more than justified. “That certain figures are going to occur to braderieprijzen, they need to know. But they make the market completely breaks down. I have a price and that is the price. And that is best affordable”, let Rudy continue to know.

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