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Roeselare grabs his fourth cup in a row, despite a bright start from Aalst in cup final volleyball

Roeselare had it in the Antwerp Sportpaleis, with a small 12.000 volleyballiefhebbers on the bleachers, one set of evil against challenger Aalst. Then they led captain Hendrik Tuerlinckx his men to a fourth bekeroverwinning in a row, the twelfth in total.

Aalst had midweeks clear confidence in the speaking 3-0 victory against the until then undefeated Maaseik. The men of coach john Devoghel, backed by a noisy orange legion, made it entirely obvious that they are not as underdog to the Sportpaleis had come. The Roeselaarse reception was immediately bombarded. The hole that was beaten (4-1) turned out not to be sealed for withdrawing a cup winner. That had the role to continue to solve, eventually with a clear 25-18 on the scoreboard.

Tuerlinckx and co tried it in the second turn directly into the fly to expand their horizons. The captain himself pointed the way, I stepped through a surefire Matthijs Verhanneman. Once the steamroller to roll it appeared, that by the time-outs and substitutions to from aalst side – for a while with four Poles on the field – unstoppable: 9-16. And yet it was still exciting. Some little mistakes in the West-Flemish, all-or-nothing at Gorski and his mates, and before everyone realized was the gap reduced to one meager point (19-20). Only at the very end of the set was the back which is more comfortable for Roeselare.

It was a very exciting moment. 6-7. When rushed mister regularity Tuerlinckx (scoring 86 % in that third set) and co swiftly away from Aalst, that the press always seemed to feel, and fatal errors made. After 8-15 sat there and this time there are no remonte more in the East-Flemish, which is in contrast to Wednesday, no ‘cannon’ in the ranks had. This was the pipe around for the men of Devoghele, which is still ‘slammed’ but not handle proved against the well-oiled block on the other side of the net, perfectly conducted by the Canadian playmaker Brett Walsh. 6-12 went to the field to 15-25 and the cup.

Match results: 25- 18, 21-25, 19-25, 15-25

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