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Ripple News: high school initiative welcomes 11 new members

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Ripple News: high school initiative welcomes 11 new members

Home News Ripple News: high school initiative welcomes 11 new members

Marcel Knobloch –

Ripple is trying to promote through targeted financial support in education and free economy, the young generation in the field of Blocckhainindustrie. The last year Initiative to move the next Generation of talent for the training.

The American Startup Ripple has already been able to win in 2018 with siner global Universitiy Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI), many Elite educational institutions. The program welcomed a total of 11 new members, as the company announced on its website. The Initiative now counts 29 members, who actively participate in the training.

The newly disturbed universities are the following:

  • Carnegie Mellon, Cornell,
  • Duke and the University of Michigan in the United States
  • The National University of Singapore,
  • the Institute for Fintech research at Tsinghua University in China
  • and the University of São Paulo in Brazil.

Ripple tries to, especially in the long term, the new managers of the company and educate.

The official goal, however, is (freely translated):

to support the academic, research, technical development and Innovation in the area of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and digital payments to speed up.

At the University of São Paulo UBRI funded an interdisciplinary Blockchain-program for students from the fields of mathematics, Economics, law, engineering knowledge of sheep and operating economy. Ripple would like to be translated, the program continues to grow at the same rate (free):

In less than a year, our first UBRI have offered to Partner with the launch of new research projects, events, course, and more started. The expansion of the Ecosystem on a more global, diversified network of UBRI-partners will enrich these projects.

Ripple is far from the only company that in the field of academic research is involved. The Blockchain Research Center of Stanford receives, among other things, the financial resources of Polychain Capital and in the Switzerland-based Ethereum Foundation.

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