Researchers fear the impact on 612.000 jobs in hard Brexit

b4d2809e27d029b4d1088b21e02e3ddb - Researchers fear the impact on 612.000 jobs in hard Brexit

Germany and France, catch the most wind, if Britain leave the European Union without consent. Worldwide, there would be an impact on 612.000 jobs. That becijferden German researchers in a study which Welt am Sonntag quotes.

The British import may have a hard Brexit, where the British the customs union leave, up to 25 percent. World wide would make the Brexit may have an impact on 612.000 jobs. Thereof, there are 179.000 within the EU. That believe at least in Hans-Ulrich Brautzsch, and Oliver Holtemöller of the ‘Leibniz-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung Halle“and the”Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg’.

With its large automotive industry would be Germany globally, the most affected. There are some 100,000 jobs in the game. The researchers split the consequences of Brexit on to different regions in Germany. The places where the industry is export oriented, is get the heaviest blows. In the German auto industry are about 15,000 jobs directly linked to the export to Great Britain.

France is the second biggest victim, writes Welt am Sonntag, that the study in advance could refer to it. There can be about 50,000 jobs to disappear. But, relatively speaking, will be the slap in Malta and Ireland harder. The export from these countries to the UK is good for, respectively, to 13.5 and 7.3 percent.

The study only takes into account job losses due to a decrease of the export by the new customs duties on imports into Great Britain. Other risks for the labour market as a drop in investment, are still not included.

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