Police angry at Jebroer

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The Dutch rapper Jebroer is again under fire. This time it’s not so much the text of one of his songs, but for the sake of the clip to the song ‘Polizei’. For the recordings had the Dutch police a few vehicles and costumes on loan to the production company that the video was recorded. It had several conditions attached, so if the vehicle is not located on the public way. That condition was clearly violated and there is not remained. The clip was made in the style of the program ” Wegmisbruikers’, in which the Dutch police on the basis of video footage of people in the movement fail to appeal to their often extremely reckless behavior. And that is in the clip Jebroer also the case. The rapper seems to be at 200km/h on the highway, cracks and commits multiple violations. Not only speeding, he takes a pass right in, go on a full white more, red light driving, without hands to steer, you name it. A whole series of violations so that him a lot of money could cost. The police is in any case disappointed how they now come into view.

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