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New disappointment for Anderlecht, of doomsday of Play-off II far of the job

c6b35794b28eb3b37a1253da230a5908 - New disappointment for Anderlecht, of doomsday of Play-off II far of the job

0-0 at home against Zulte Waregem, if winning really is the only option in the battle for Play-off 1: at Anderlecht, they must hope that Gent will not win of Mouscron. In the (ever loose) Astridpark they now look down.

Anderlecht knew what to do it was after the victory of Sint-Truiden: only a victory against Zulte Waregem would be enough to continue to participate in the battle for Play-off 1. Fred Rutten chose for the recovered Landry Dimata in the striker and Yannick Bolasie in the place of the suspended Zakaria Bakkali. At Zulte Waregem chose Francky Dury for Idrissa Sylla in place of Henrik Bjordal.

Anderlecht started snedig to the party and was particularly threatening on the left. Bolasie continued good for, but Dimata was just too short to tap. Still, it was careful to the other side also. Bongonda scored even via a bicycle kick, but his goal was rightly disallowed for offside.

Hello VAR?

The fast flankspeler of Zulte Waregem and was a true scourge for Andy Najar, and by extension quite Anderlecht. After one of his many rushes could Bongonda even shoot, but the ball collided on Didillon. Repetition showed that the ball on the way to the hand of Kara light tremble, but VAR Kris Bellon decided not to intervene. He did not then Pletinckx Dimata down took in the sixteen. Quite Anderlecht claimed a penalty kick – and there was something to be said for that – but here, too, was ref Nathan Verboomen not to the videoschermpje called.

All in all a poor first half. The second began snediger: Zulj hit Bossut, and – again – Bongonda found Didillon on his way. Purple-and-white developed more and more pressure and Zulte Waregem had a good Bossut need to have a free-kick from Kums from target to whip. In the battle afterwards could also Zulj just not decide.

However, it remained on the look out for the visitors from West-Flanders. After a nice combination could be The fauw crosses, but Sylla got the ball on his chest and the ball went way over.

Flute concerto

What Anderlecht then on the mat, spent, hurt to the eyes. The audience whistled at yet another lost duel, bad pass or a misunderstanding. Yari Verschaeren tried to get the ball, but he was also the only one in purple and white that there is still sense in seemed to have. Not that purple-and-white no chance to received, but Zulj had no through train when Verschaeren him deeply sent. It must be that the pipe Verschaeren was out, for another reason, we saw not when Rutten him ten minutes before time to the end of his career. The Anderlecht crowd that was there even cynical and clapped when Milic another bad pass gave. It was, however, in the last minute at all else can see, but the shot of Zulj stranded on the crossbar and through a visiting leg was a shot from Bolasie still in a corner.

With this yet another loss of points does Anderlecht is a very bad thing in the battle for Play-off 1. See Sint-Truiden already lead to four points and can hope that Gent will not win against Mouscron. Or they may be located in the botanical garden ‘Astridpark’ format for Play-off 2, for the first time in the history of the club. And even that will not be a walk in the park’. Arm Anderlecht.

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