Miss Belgian Beauty 2003 getting started in Wijnegem Shopping center

Zsofi Horvath, right here on the photo with her husband and two of her three children is very happy with her new job. To Gazet van Antwerpen told the Miss Belgian Beauty 2003 that they since recently the marketing and communications team of the biggest Belgian shopping mall. The Wijnegem Shopping for her is more than a collection of shops, but you can also have something to eat, drink and other fun things to do, she gave into it.

It’s Zsofi Horvath clearly for the wind. On a professional level, but also private. She is a mom of Bardo, Giulia and Charlize. By now she is already nine years married to Olivier Glorieux, who in 2002 was finalist of ‘Expedition Robinson’.

(Nico Vanaken)

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