Large French cities are ‘yellow vests’ tired

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Paris, Nantes, Rennes, Rouen, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Dijon… In a communiqué they lament the ongoing actions of the ‘yellow vests’ in France. They ask urgent consultations with the French government about possible damages.

“All thirteen weeks, the traders and the inhabitants of the large cities and agglomerations are held hostage by rioters in the margins of the manifestations of the ‘yellow vests’. The impact for the taxpayers and traders running in the millions of euros’, according to a communiqué from France Urbaine, the association of the French ‘métropoles, agglos et grandes villes’.

France Urbaine, ask a meeting with the French prime minister, Edouard Philippe, minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire and minister of Territorial Cohesion, Jacqueline Gourault. They hope to be there ‘modalities for compensation to capture’. The manifestations of the yellow vests lead, according to them, each time to a lot of damage to public places, roads, banks, bus shelters and traffic lights. That is, each week, additional police and fire brigade must be used, of course, also a cost.

Also the income of the traders suffer from the protest. As calculated Procos, the federation of specialised trade, sales in november and december of 2018 decreased by 6.8 and 3.9 percent compared to 2017.

Red scarves

In Paris was at the end of January a first tegenbetoging organized. With red scarves instead of yellow vests came at a time when citizens on the street who push against the approach of the yellow vests. They also had had it with the violence and the damage associated with the manifestations of the yellow vests.

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