Ketnet strictly against bullying

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Sunday morning was Tinne Oltmans guest in King Live, the second year in a row, she is the figurehead of the Move against bullying: DOT IT. Dancing together and singing against bullying, and since last year by four dots on your hands to sign; the last years was that the best way for children to show that they are against bullying. Also in 2019 save Ketnet and the Network Choose Color against Bullying re the hands together for a new edition of the Move against bullying: DOT IT. On four dots in the agenda: from 22 February to 1 march 2019, the issue of bullying to the attention during the Week against bullying. On the Ketnetters a Manipest sign that they are committed to take action against bullying. If they have done, make them visible by four dots on their hand drawing. So is DOT IT’s a virus that is hopefully again the whole of Flanders will take over.

Tinne Oltmans: “I find it very remarkable that I, for the second year in a row, and should work on the DOT IT campaign. Last year was an overwhelming success. Everyone had 4 dots on their hand -big or small – everyone sang along with Dot After Dot. Also this year I allow myself to be happy again surprised by the warm words of the people, and I stab them in a heart under the belt to bullying, and more to create discussion. Who knows we can be bullying in that way a little from the world.”

In many cities and municipalities could you the past week all the four dots to see popping up in the streets. In Tienen, Leuven, Vilvoorde, Lier, Bruges,… Also during the Week against bullying in Flanders and Brussels have a lot of spots popping up.

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