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Girls of Hermes Oostende win fantastic cup final against Saturn Michelbeke

80d610940e8fa95c78a0ff1c5a99888c - Girls of Hermes Oostende win fantastic cup final against Saturn Michelbeke

Thirty-six years after his previous cupwinst if Hermes Oostende again the cup of Belgium kisses. After a spirited and sometimes even fantastic final won match organiser Hermes Oostende with 1-3 of Saturn Michelbeke. Match results: 21-25, 25-19, 17-25 and 26-28.

Hermes Oostende, last summer, heavily reinforced, is a Belgian club with an orange touch in the form of the Dutch Blenckers and Lafeber. Biggest gain is setter Jasmien Biebauw that the six previous cups won with Oudegem and Asterix. Sovereign they perform the ranking. The slightly smaller Saturn Michelbeke deserves on the basis of the recent months, a better place than his current eighth place. Michelbeke has four foreigners in the house, two Serbian (Misojcic and Radovic), a Slovak (Vajdova) and an Australian (Tait).

On the way to the final battle had Hermes do the Asterix-killers from Zoersel off. Asterix was the past eighteen years, becoming a finalist. A little getting used to so with this poster between Michelbke that only one finals and lost, and Hermes in the seventies and eighties, five of his eight cup finals won.

Very nervous grasp both teams in the final. With three opslagmissers on both sides crept into the score evenly through 5-5 to 8-8. Tait brought Michelbeke for the first time first: 9-8. After a Great response from Verbinnen and Blenckers (10-13) dragged Radovic Michelbeke again (15-14) in the lead. Coolman, six points in set one, be her team again the good road (16-20), but Michelbeke about after 19-23 still for a while. Blokwerk of Biebauw-Van Acker resulted in the initial setwinst (21-25).

In set two took Michelbeke immediately in the lead, but the kustploeg followed in the track. Radovic (eight points in set two), and Van den Ouweland built a first sore, 15-12. Hermes approached to 18-17, but with Coppin to the storage was 22-18. Vajdova (six points in set) knocked on the door, 25-19 in the second half against the floor.

To 12-14, both teams together in the third deelbeurt approximately in balance. With Coolman on the storage took Hermes quite a distance: 13-16 to 13-22. Hermes had at 14-24 a point to return after a correct intervention of the videoref. Michelbeke tried in vain (17-23) to limit the damage. After a storage of invalster The Winne conquered The Valkeneer the setzege: 17-25. It was the eighth point of The Valkeneer in that set.

Michelbeke wanted to not yield and bow in setvier a 2-5-deficit into a 7-5 lead eventually to. At 12-10 early, Hermes, coach, De Veylder a second time-out. The East-Flemish beukten to 16-12, but Saturn-coach Frankart called his team to 17-16 also. The tension increased: 19-18, and 21-22. The Valkeneer be the way to 22-24. In the second matchbal ran From Acker a foot injury. Finally it was the fifth matchbal (26-28) the decisive. Vajdova could the round thing insufficient check. Match organiser Hermes Oostende is a cup winner!

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