Geert Van Rampelberg has experience with drugs

4330728b6d500f9e31df378df1a2008c - Geert Van Rampelberg has experience with drugs

Geert van Rampelberg says in The Morning that he is not averse of drugs. “I have many things examined. Just because I’m curious about ben. I mean that I various drugs have been tried, as ‘research’. I think that blow – or cannabis oil – sometimes people are better able to help than, say, sleeping pills. People have always been medicinal plants used, for all sorts of things. A few years ago, I took ayahuasca is taken as a kind of ritual that two days and two nights lasted. Really gehallucineerd I have not. If I experiences of others can hear, I think that small doses have been given, but it was a fascinating experience.”

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