Geert Hoste gets National Humorprijs

305c28e3270dcd368cfb61762221597f - Geert Hoste gets National Humorprijs

Saturday received comedian Geert Hoste from the hands of the former minister of Culture, mayor Patrick Dewael the National Humorprijs in The Cultural Centre de Velinx in Tongeren. Hoste was honoured because of his exceptional career of street artist to highly successful lecturer and kijkcijferkanon’ says the report of the jury. The prize is a bronze sculpture of Raf Verjans.

In a reaction, said Geert Hoste ‘The news, with many tears and moans, is fortunately also a source of much humour if you look on social media and to the discursive students. Spijbelende students come not only for the climate, I also see a lot of humor during the protests’”
Previously received the humorist, the Muse Sabam and the price of the Flemish radio and tv criticism.

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