FC Emmen early lead against ADO Den Haag

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FC Emmen early lead against ADO Den Haag

10 February 2019 11:47
10-02-19 11:47
Last update: 7 minutes ago
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In the Premier league are Sunday four duels on the program. Here you do not have to miss Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior (4-1), FC Groningen-Vitesse, FC Emmen-ADO Den Haag (both 14: 30) and FC Utrecht-PSV (16.45 hours).

Groningen-Vitesse 0-0
Emmen-ADO 1-0

16.45 pm:

Fortuna-Excelsior 4-1FC Groningen-Vitesse · a few seconds geleden12′ GOAL for FC Groningen! 1-0

Kaj Sierhuis makes his second goal for Groningen.FC Emmen-ADO Den Haag · a few seconds geleden13′ Vomiting makes almost the 2-0 for Emmen after a cross from Jones.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 2 minutes geleden11, ” here is the first chance for Groningen. After a ball can defender Jeffrey Chabot on goal headings. His bet is just about.FC Emmen-ADO Den Haag · 3 minutes geleden11′ an opportunity for Emmen. After terugkoppen of Michael the Lion is Stef Gronsveld to lash out, but his shot lacks power.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 5 minutes geleden8′ little spectacle in the openingsminuten in Groningen. The home side has more possession, but that leads not to opportunities.FC Emmen-ADO Den Haag · 8 minutes geleden6′ GOAL FC Emmen! 1-0

Stef Gronsveld gives a deep ball to Alexander Bannink, who earlier at the ball than ADO goalkeeper Robert Zwinkels and controls the ball in the goal shoot.FC Emmen-ADO Den Haag · 10 minutes geleden2′ The first possibility is for FC Emmen. Michael de Leeuw takes the ball well towards the goal of Robert Zwinkels, but goes to the ground before he can shoot.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 13 minutes geleden1′ The ball is rolling now in the Euroborg.FC Emmen-ADO Den Haag · 14 minutes geleden1′ FC Emmen kicks off in your own home against ADO.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 14 minutes geledenVoor the kick-off a minute’s applause for the recently deceased ex-trainer and former scout Jurrie Koolhof.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 20 minutes geledenFC Groningen hopes so against Vitesse a sequel to the 1-2 victory over Willem II last week. The team of Danny Buijs, therefore, increased to the fifteenth place in the Premier league.

Time for the warm-up!🔥
#grovit #greenwhitearmy


AuteurFC GroningenMoment of plaatsen13:59 – 10 February 2019Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 25 minutes ago

Players of Fortuna celebrated the victory over Excelsior.FC Emmen-ADO Den Haag · 30 minutes geledenADO coach Fons Groenendijk explains why he for Dion Malone elect in the defense.

🎙Fons Groenendijk: ”The choice for Malone is simple. He fits in this contest. He has often in this spot played and is rechtsbenig. To Necid you can after his two goals not to go.”


AuteurADO The Hague 🔰Time of plaatsen14:11 – February 10, 2019FC Emmen-ADO Den Haag · 34 minutes geledenEmmen-trainer Dick Lukkien choose for the following eleven players for the match with ADO Den Haag.

1️⃣1️⃣| These men go on this afternoon, starting at @ADODenHaag!
Let’s roaaaaar🐅


AuteurFC EmmenMoment of plaatsen13:26 – February 10, 2019Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 36 minutes agoPast! Fortuna Sittard wins particularly through much more effective to jump with the opportunities with 4-1 Excelsior and rises to ninth place in the Premier league.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 39 minutes geleden90+2′ There are yet four minutes in Sittard.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 39 minutes geleden90′ GOAL Fortuna Sittard! 4-1

Fortuna Sittard makes the slotminuten still 4-1. Andrija Novakovic works governed after a well played counter.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 42 minutes geleden88′ Ahmed El Messaoudi replacing Andrija Balic in the last minute Fortuna. The match is played in Sittard.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · one hour geleden84′ Ryan Koolwijk tries the distance on behalf of Excelsior, but his shot goes just next to it.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · one hour geleden81′ Again is a great opportunity for Excelsior. The preeminent Fortuna-keeper Koselev rescue on a shot from El Hamdaoui.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · one hour geleden80′ Fortuna fails to meet to decide the match. Lisandro Semedo goes only to the purpose of the Excelsior, but does not come further than a slap shot.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · one hour geleden75′ Great opportunity for Excelsior. After a cross from Lorenzo Burnet can substitute Dennis Eckert free head. Goalkeeper Alexei Koselev through the pole, and handsome to the rescue.FC Groningen-Vitesse · one hour geledenDe preparation of FC Groningen for the game with Vitesse. Ritsu Doan returns as the team of Danny Buijs.

⚔️ | Installation. Mimoun Mahi and Deyovaisio Zeefuik are missing compared to previous week. Travel and Doan will return to the base!💪
#grovit #greenwhitearmy


AuteurFC GroningenMoment of plaatsen13:19 – February 10, 2019Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · one hour ago

Fortuna Sittard seems to be on the way to the seventh victory of the season.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · one hour geleden68′ The goal of which falls in a period in which Excelsior just the better team was.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · one hour geleden64′ GOAL Fortuna Sittard! 3-1

Fortuna brings the margin back to two. Mark Diemers rounds in the rebound after a shot from Lisandro Semedo is still turned by Excelsior goalkeeper Alessandro Damen.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · one hour geleden59′ Re a chance for Excelsior. Fortuna-keeper Alexei Koselev let a shot from Jurgen Mattheij los, but the ball in the second instance yet.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · one hour geleden57′ There is almost the equalizer for the Locals. Jeffrey Fortes can head it in for an almost empty goal, but his commitment goes to the bar.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · one hour geleden55′ GOAL Excelsior! 1-2

Now it is touch for Excelsior. Ali Messaoud rounds on reference to Lorenzo Burnet.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · one hour geleden52′ Excelsior-attacker Marcus Edwards can be a handsome solo not awarded with a goal. Fortuna-keeper Alexei Koselev release the ball, but the ball just before the line again to pick it up.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · one hour geleden46′ The ball rolls again in Sittard and the home team immediately gets a great opportunity. After a through ball from Lamprou can Diemers free to lash out, but his bet is turned by Damen.FC Emmen-ADO Den Haag · one hour geledenTomas Necid and Dion Malone will return to the base at ADO Den Haag.

📋 The setup! Necid and Malone compared to the victory at Heracles the newbies in the basis. #emmADO


AuteurADO The Hague 🔰Time of plaatsen13:15 – February 10, 2019FC Groningen-Vitesse · one hour ago

Vitesse coach Leonid Slutsky choose for these eleven names on a visit to FC Groningen.FC Groningen-Vitesse · 2 hours geledenDe selection of Vitesse at the Euroborg.

Hi guys👊🏼
#Vitesse #grovit


AuteurVitesseMoment of plaatsen13:06 – 10 February 2019Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 2 hours ago

Peace. Fortuna and Excelsior to go to the locker room with a 2-0-lead for the home team. Fortuna leads mainly because it is in the first 45 minutes are much more efficient with the opportunities of interaction than Excelsior.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden43′ Andrija Balic runs in the penalty area in the back of an Excelsior player and seems like a violation to be committed. The videoscheidsrechter judge otherwise and does not catch on.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden41′ A free-kick from Fortuna can be just from the target be worked on by Excelsior goalkeeper Alessandro Damen.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden38′ Excelsior-midfielder Messaoud gets a schietkans after a combination with El Hamdaoui, but his commitment goes next.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden33′ GOAL Fortuna Sittard! 2-0

After losing possession of Thomas Oude Kotte makes Lazaros Lamprou his second goal of the afternoon.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden32′ Excelsior defender Thomas Oude Kotte receives a yellow card, despite the fact that his opponent does not touch.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 2 hours ago

Lazaros Lamprou celebrates his opening goal for Fortuna.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden27′ Excelsior-midfielder Ali Messaoud is treated along the side, but just seems to continue.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden25′ Fortuna midfielder Andrija Balic can be quite out of about twenty metres, but his shot it just disappears next to the goal.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden24′ A yellow card for Excelsior-defender Jeffrey Fortes after an infringement just outside the penalty area. The free kick that follows for Fortuna go over.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden20′ Excelsior coach Adrie Poldervaart must noodgewongen exchange. Luigi Bruins is injured to the side and is replaced by Dennis Eckert.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 2 hours ago

20′ Fortuna Sittard is after the goal the better team in Sittard.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden14′ The hit of Fortuna is actually falling from the sky. Excelsior-attacker Mounir El Hamdaoui had just before the goal a large schietkans.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden13′ GOAL Fortuna Sittard! 1-0

Attacker Lazaros Lamprou shoot from eighteen yards into the far corner. Excelsior goalkeeper Alessandro Damen stands rooted to the ground.Fortuna Sittard-Excelsior · 2 hours geleden5′ The rear of Fortuna looks strange in the first minutes. The four defenders played never before in this composition.Back to top

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