Charlotte Timmers is purebred Limburg in Studio Tarara

8532da865b8a4fabade52f5e9bbfe1bc - Charlotte Timmers is purebred Limburg in Studio Tarara

Charlotte Timmers is from Tuesday onwards to see in Studio Tarara. Maybe it will be here and there, you hear that they are from Limburg, but according to The Importance she makes with her accent, the province is certainly not ridiculous. “With the thirtieth anniversary of VTM, I again looked at ‘Lili and Marleen, with the hills character, Leen,” she says in Hello. “Oh my god, how ridiculous Limburg in the series was made! Really exaggerated. I wonder where that was necessary, because so are People still not at all. Now take Luc Appermont: his language is flawless. You know that I recently during the filming of ‘Studio Tarara” to know am come that Appermont a Limburger? That, he informed me himself, when he me came in the schminkkamer. Apparently had to People used to their accent to hide to be accepted. I have the impression that that only changed with Matteo Simoni.”l

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