Calls to new shutdown to avoid crash

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The negotiators who are trying a new shutdown to avoid in the United States become not from. The tweets of president Donald Trump make their task didn’t get easier.

“The next 24 hours are crucial. A shutdown would not be an option, but the threat remains present.’ In the program Fox News Sunday gave Richard Shelby, a republican senator who is part of the group of negotiators, today admitted that he was ‘not convinced that we will become’.

At the end of January, president Trump agreed to a proposal from the leaders of Congress to the public services for three weeks to open again. The shutdown lasted at that time for 35 days. The wages of 800,000 civil servants was all that time not paid and many government services and national parks had to close the doors.

The deal was that a ‘conference committee’ of 17 senators and members of the House of Representatives were given three weeks ‘ time had to come to an agreement about the security of the border with Mexico. Trump persists in his demand that a wall should come. The democrats seem to be still not to want to know. The deadline runs until 15 February, to get everything on time by the Congress to get threw the committee on Monday for approval.

‘The Wall’: from 5.7 to 2 billion

But the chance that this is still work seems small. Via Twitter let Trump itself, even though he sits not at the negotiating table. ‘The Wall will get built one way or the other!’, tweette he. To then add to that the democrats ‘terrible proposals’.

Remarkably enough, it seems the discussion about ‘the wall’ is no longer the biggest stumbling block. Trump wanted this $ 5.7 billion. The democrats and republicans that the talks would be close to an agreement for a maximum amount of 2 billion for ‘border security’ – the word ‘wall’ is a sensitive issue.

But the twist is focusing on ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement), the immigration service of the USA. The democrats ask that the service would focus on the detention of criminal immigrants and less on those that after the expiration of their visa to remain in the country. They therefore propose to the number of beds that ICE has in detention centres. Republicans shot the idea right from the start. The chance that Trump this would agree, is according to them non-existent, especially considering the stress that he, in his State of the Union explained the dangers which he sees in immigration.

‘No good options’

What happens if by Friday nothing out of the bus? “The president has several options, but if no deal is, they are not good options,” says Richard Shelby. One of the possibilities that is often cited is that Trump the state of emergency might proclaim to be so without the consent of the Congress, yet the limes wall, to be able to build. According to The New York Times would be the Pentagon, the American ministry of Defence, last weekend have investigated which services in their budget would have to prune in such a case, the money needed to cough.

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