A state of emergency on Nova Zembla after the invasion of polar bears

825f40a95283dfcf4da540df5b3c8232 - A state of emergency on Nova Zembla after the invasion of polar bears

The Russian archipelago Nova Zembla in the Arctic Ocean, the state of emergency is declared. Reason is an invasion of dozens of polar bears, which, as a result of the warming of the earth is becoming much harder to eat get, in inhabited area.

According to Jigancha Mousin, the administrative head of the archipelago, live there 52 polar bears in the near Beloesja Goeba, the largest village on the islands with a total population of around 3,000. About six to ten of them are constantly in the village.

“I have lived since 1983, in Nova Zembla, but I’ve never seen such a massive invasion of polar bears seen’, it sounds. “There are permanently between six and ten polar bears in the village.’

The animals behave very aggressively. “They attack the people, and penetrate buildings,” said Mousin. “People are afraid of their leaving home, parents let their children not go to school anymore.’ With cars and patrouillehonden they try to give the polar bears away to hunt. “But those measures have not the desired effect.”

As well as lights and sound signals of no avail, the animal killing is the only solution, says the. Provisionally let the Russian environmental authorities, however, not allow. The polar bear is an endangered species and hunting it is forbidden. There is, however, a commission composed that the case will investigate.

Polar bears are the victim of the warming of the climate and the melting of the polar ice. Therefore, getting them much more difficult to eat and insist they will be forced to inhabited areas.

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