Tom Waes well in the oil in Azerbaijan

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The oliestaat Azerbaijan lies on the border between Europe and Asia, south of Russia and north of Iran. For most of us it is a totally unknown country. But if the of the government of Azerbaijan depends, we will soon all be on vacation. Because by 2020, the country five million tourists per year to attract. And less than many Europeans.

For you a ticket, go Tom and have a look see if it is worthwhile. Because al is calling Azerbaijan a long time to Europe, it remains a country with a questionable regime…

Tom starts his journey in the capital city Baku where everything glitters and shines. The whole city is full of brand new buildings. Tom is impressed by the wealth of the city but he is at the same time be wary: “That there is on every street corner, life-size photographs of the president of fame, gave me a Big Brother feeling to me immediately skeptical made on our freedom of movement.”

Once outside the capital is all the pomp and circumstance has completely disappeared. It is clear that this is the oldest oliestaat in the world. So far he can look, see Tom thousands of outdated “nodding donkeys” in endless fields. An ecological disaster. But his guide Ayten wants to take him to Yanar Dag, the key attraction of Azerbaijan: an eternal burning fire. Tom believe his eyes.

By far the biggest names what Tom experiences in Azerbaijan, Naftalan: a spa town on the basis of… petroleum. Bathe in crude oil would be good against all kinds of diseases and ailments and know better – Tom can not be otherwise than that testing. “I have afterwards for hours under the shower trying. Nothing in the world is as persistent as the smell of oil. Enough to drive you crazy,” Tom said.

The trip through Azerbaijan ends deep in the Caucasus, in the beautiful and remote mountain village of Khinalug that for five thousand years, inhabited by a very separate people. For Tom, the most beautiful place of Azerbaijan.

On Sunday 17 February, the final episode of Travel Waes Europe. Therein, recalls Tom back on his travel adventures in this series, with the best moments and a lot of additional footage.

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