Tigress Melati killed by paringspartner in London zoo

78e98e0493bc43e5df2aab21391d5345 - Tigress Melati killed by paringspartner in London zoo

A female Sumatran tiger in the London zoo killed in the first direct meeting with her paringspartner. The 10-year-old tigress, Melati, was Friday placed in contact with the newly arrived 7-year-old tiger Asim. The meeting was, however, not as we hoped, and the animals began to fight. Despite attempts to get the animals to separate, could Melati only lifeless to be salvaged. That has the London zoo announced.

Asim was only ten days earlier in the framework of a European breeding program from a Danish safari park to the London zoo came. Everyone in London Zoo is ‘inconsolable’ and ‘dismayed’ by the loss of the tigress, says the communication.

‘Like all big cats, introductions are carefully planned, they are always considered to be very risky.’ The animals were in adjoining stay to them the opportunity to give each other to see, to smell and to react. Experts from the zoo had positive signals seen and thought the time was ripe for a paringsintroductie. But that was, in retrospect, so an incorrect estimation.

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