The Voice-candidate Shauni Rau expects first child of Seppe

Shauni Rau, we have as a candidate from The Voice. Her battle of “Marvin Gaye” with Sepp Hendrix with more than 16 million views is still one of the absolute crackers out of the Flemish version of The Voice.

Shauni played in the meantime in the sprookjesmusical Rapunzel and had a YouTube channel with her bestie Tinne Oltmans, known for Ghost Rockers and Steracteur Sterartiest.

This week, Shauni Rau via social media announced that she is pregnant with her first child. Together with her fiancé, Seppe Quirynen, she will be her fans to enjoy her pregnancy via a new YouTube-channel “Seppe and Shauni”. The delivery is estimated for August 2019.

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